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Complete ID vs. LifeLock—Features, Pricing, and More

Start Building Your Child’s Credit

Identity theft has become such a serious issue for both children and adults that many people nowadays turn to ID theft protection services to safeguard themselves from this heinous crime. LifeLock and Complete ID are two popular choices for such a service, and they offer similar features. 

However, despite their similarities, each of these services offers distinct features that might appeal to some users more than others. In this article, we’ll provide a detailed comparison of Complete ID vs. LifeLock in terms of their features and pricing, and we’ll introduce you to an affordable alternative to both services.

Complete ID vs. LifeLock—An Overview

Provided by Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus, Complete ID offers identity theft protection services like:

  • Three-bureau credit monitoring
  • Identity theft recovery assistance
  • Insurance of up to $1 million

What makes some customers choose Complete ID is its partnership with Costco. Only Costco members are eligible to subscribe to Complete ID, and the pricing plans depend on the number of people you’d like to add to the subscription and the type of Costco membership you have.

Meanwhile, LifeLock was founded in 2005, and it’s now owned by Norton. This cybersecurity service is used by millions of customers worldwide, making LifeLock a more popular option than Complete ID. While it’s not the most affordable option on the market, LifeLock provides numerous ID monitoring services, some of which are:

  • Dark web monitoring
  • Identity and Social Security number (SSN) alerts
  • Data breach notifications

Complete ID vs. LifeLock Feature Comparison

Complete ID and LifeLock both specialize in identity theft protection services, so it’s expected that they offer similar features. However, these providers aren’t completely the same—specific details related to each feature they offer set them apart. Here’s a comparison of LifeLock vs. Complete ID based on the following aspects:

  1. Activity alerts
  2. Credit report and monitoring
  3. ID restoration
  4. Identity theft insurance
  5. Pricing and plans

Activity Alerts

Both Complete ID and LifeLock alert you if they detect any suspicious activity in your accounts. Both services provide alerts for activity on your SSN, financial accounts, and credit cards. However, LifeLock only offers banking and investment account protection in its higher-priced tiers, while Complete ID covers bank and investment accounts in a single pricing tier.

Credit Report and Monitoring

Free credit reports are available in LifeLock and Complete ID plans, and both providers give you a free annual credit report from the three major credit bureaus. You also get more frequent access to your credit scores and reports from a single bureau. Still, the three-bureau credit monitoring is only available as part of the highest-priced tier if you’re using LifeLock, while Complete ID offers it in all plans.

These two services also let you lock your credit, but only at one credit bureau. With Complete ID, you can only do this at Experian, while LifeLock lets you lock your credit only at TransUnion. Again, LifeLock requires a higher-pricing tier subscription to activate this service. If you want to lock credit at one of the bureaus that aren’t covered by your subscription, you can do so on your own by contacting the credit bureau.

ID Restoration

Both LifeLock and Complete ID offer features to help you regain control of your personal information if you become a victim of identity theft. When you report identity theft, both services assign a restoration specialist based in the U.S. to your case. If you need help from a local lawyer to file documentation related to your case, both providers can help you find one. 

If you have any ID restoration-related questions or concerns, both providers have customer service available 24/7. Complete ID’s site also states that their customer service can help you by:

  1. Providing advice when you receive a suspicious activity alert
  2. Connecting you with a restoration specialist

Identity Theft Insurance

The identity recovery process can be quite expensive, so both Complete ID and LifeLock provide identity theft insurance to help you pay for a lawyer and other services you may need. Like most ID protection services, they both offer up to $1 million in ID theft insurance, but you must show proof of your expenses to receive reimbursement. 

Both providers also offer reimbursement for the money you may have lost from your financial accounts due to identity theft, but the amount of money they offer is different. LifeLock provides a sum between $25,000 and $1 million, depending on your subscription plan, while Complete ID combines both types of reimbursement into one fund of up to $1 million.

Pricing and Plans

Complete ID and LifeLock both offer multiple pricing tiers as part of their plans, but they differ based on the features they include and the number of individuals they cover. 

With Complete ID, the pricing plans work a bit differently compared to other ID protection services since the platform is partnered with Costco. It provides two pricing plans that depend on the number of adults and children involved, but the features offered in both plans are the same. The price difference is related to the Costco membership level you have.

Complete ID currently offers the following plans:

PlanMonthly Price per Adult
Costco Executive Members$8.99
Costco Business and Gold Members$13.99

You can choose a plan for either one or two adults, and adding identity monitoring for up to five children to either plan costs $2.99/month or $3.99/month, respectively.

LifeLock’s pricing is a bit more complex as there are many different plans with specific features. Generally, the higher your tier is, the higher the level of protection you’ll get. Here’s a breakdown of the plans recommended for family protection:

LifeLock PlanIndividualFamily (Two Adults)Family (Two Adults and Five Children)
Ultimate Plus$34.99/month$69.99/month$81.99/month

While they’re pricey to begin with, the cost of LifeLock’s plans tends to increase by 30–45% after the first year of subscription. While Complete ID is quite affordable in comparison, it’s still only available to Costco members, and they’re currently not accepting new enrollments.

Which Identity Protection Service Should You Choose?

Both of the reviewed services offer robust identity theft protection, but they also come with a few disadvantages. LifeLock may be popular, but its high pricing plans, as well as the recent breach, have led many customers to cancel the service and look for alternatives. Meanwhile, Complete ID isn’t easily accessible as it’s limited to Costco members.

If neither of these services meets your needs, FreeKick is a worthy and affordable alternative. Provided by Austin Capital Bank, FreeKick offers a comprehensive identity monitoring and ID theft protection solution. Its main features include SSN monitoring, dark web monitoring, identity theft recovery assistance, and identity theft insurance coverage of up to $1 million. With its suite of services for minors, FreeKick also helps you protect the identity of your children.

FreeKick—Comprehensive Identity Protection for Your Whole Family

FreeKick is an FDIC-insured deposit account designed to help keep your family’s identity protected through comprehensive security features. Its identity protection services cover up to two parents and six children aged 0 to 25, while the platform also lets you start building credit for your children between the ages of 13 and 25.

Identity Protection Services

One of the groups most often targeted by identity criminals is children. In fact, a child’s identity is stolen every 30 seconds. This is why FreeKick offers identity protection and monitoring features designed to safeguard both minors and adults. Signing up for FreeKick provides access to the following features:

Services for Adult Children and ParentsServices for Minor Children
Credit profile monitoring
SSN monitoring
Dark web monitoring for personal information
Up to $1 million identity theft insurance
Full-service white-glove concierge credit restoration
Lost wallet protection
Court records monitoring
Change of address monitoring
Non-credit (Payday) loan monitoring
Free FICO® Score monthly
FICO® Score factors
Experian credit report monthly
Credit profile monitoring
SSN monitoring
Dark web monitoring for children’s personal information
Up to $1 million identity theft insurance
Full-service white-glove concierge credit restoration
Sex offender monitoring—based on sponsor parent’s address

Parent-Sponsored Credit Building and Credit Profile Monitoring

Establishing solid financial footing early can help your child become financially independent once they reach young adulthood. A good credit profile makes it much easier for them to:

  • Obtain financing for a credit card, home, or vehicle
  • Obtain rental housing
  • Get a job that requires a high credit score

FreeKick makes it possible for children as young as 13 to start building credit through an automated parent-sponsored credit building feature. Starting this process early can save your child over $200,000 during their lifetime.

Here’s how to start building your child’s credit in three simple steps:

  1. Create a FreeKick Account—Visit FreeKick.bank and choose a plan depending on your needs and budget
  2. Set It and Forget It—When your account is activated, the credit building process will start automatically. FreeKick will create a 12-month credit history for your child through a no-interest installment loan which is paid off using your initial deposit
  3. Keep Growing—As soon as the 12-month period passes, you can either renew your account to continue building your child’s credit or close it and get a full refund of your initial deposit

FreeKick Pricing

FreeKick offers two budget-friendly plans to match any family’s needs. Both plans come with FDIC insurance coverage of up to $250,000 and include identity monitoring for up to two adults and six children as well as credit building for six children aged 13–25. See more details in the table below:

FDIC-Insured DepositAnnual Fee
$3,000$0 (Free)
No deposit$149

Ensure your family’s identities are protected and give your children a financial head start—sign up for FreeKick today.

Freekick provides a double dose of financial empowerment and security for your whole family. It helps teens and young adults build strong credit profiles and offers identity motoring for up to two adult parents and six children under 25.

Freekick: ID Protection & Credit Building

Protect Your Family’s Identities
Safeguard up to 2 parents & 6 children
Build Your Child’s Credit
Build credit for your children ages 13-25. Good credit can save them $200,000 over their life!
Pay $0 A Year
Make a one-time deposit of $2,500 or pay $149/year with no deposit
Powered by Austin Capital Bank
FreeKick is a combination of a FDIC-insured deposit account, credit building, & identity monitoring services

Get 10% off on the first 3 monthly payments

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