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FreeKick Savings

– Protect your child’s identity
– Build their credit
– Support their schools
– FDIC-Insured

FreeKick protects your children from identity fraud and builds their credit.

FreeKick is an FDIC-Insured savings account with premium identity protection and credit building services built right in.

Every 30 seconds a child has their identity stolen

94% of child identity fraud victims were not covered by an identity monitoring service when their identity was stolen. 

  • Half of child identity fraud victims are less than 12 years old 
  • The youngest victim in one child identity fraud study was just 5 months old  

While no identity protection service can prevent all identity fraud, FreeKick premium identity protection can help you: 

  • Indentify fraud earlier 
  • Stop it sooner 
  • Fix it faster 

Taking action today can save your child from years of damage to their identity and credit.  

Child’s average age when child identity fraud is discovered: 

  • 14 years old: if parent discovers the fraud 
  • 19 years old: if child discovers the fraud 

Without identity monitoring and protection your child won’t discover they are a victim until they are an adult – at the exact moment they need credit. 

EVERY family in America needs identity protection for their children. 


Family identity protection services are expensive, costing up to $700+ per year and no parent wants to pay yet another monthly subscription. 

Protecting your children from birth to age 18 can cost more than $12,000 with a traditional subscription-based identity protection service. 


Freekick’s premium identity protection and credit building services are 100% free with an FDIC-insured deposit of $3,000. 

FreeKick also offers family protection plans with highly discounted annual subscriptions from just $49 to $149 per YEAR – with lower deposit requirements. 

Identity thieves target your children – FreeKick protects them 

Over a million children are victims of identity fraud every year

A child is 50x more likely to be a victim of identity fraud than an adult

Identity information for children sells for 5x more than adult information on the dark web

Identity protection for your whole family

FreeKick includes premium identity protection for up to two parents and six children aged 0 to 25. 

FreeKick doesn’t just protect your children’s credit, it builds it. 

Good credit can save your children more than $200,000 during their lifetime.  

FreeKick automatically starts building your children’s credit when they turn 14.

FreeKick helps you safely and reliably establish and build credit for your children, so they arrive at adulthood with the dual advantages of a secure identity and strong credit profile.  

What is FreeKick?

FreeKick is an FDIC-insured savings account that includes premium identity protection services for your whole family and establishes credit for your children. 

What is FreeKick? Detailed description

Freekick is a set of premium identity protection and credit building services built on the foundation of an FDIC-insured savings account.

Your FreeKick account includes services that monitor, protect, and restore the identities of your family members. FreeKick provides identity protection services for two adult parents and up to six children aged 0 to 25.

FreeKick also reliably and safely builds credit for your children aged 14 to 25. FreeKick enables credit building by saving, not spending, allowing you to demonstrate good financial habits to your children.

FreeKick is a savings account, so the money you deposit in your FreeKick account is insured by the FDIC up to $250,000.

Freekick is available exclusively at www.FreeKick.bank from Austin Capital Bank, an independent community bank that offers accounts and services nationwide and is recognized as one of the leading independent community banks in the United States.  


FreeKick supports schools and partners with parent-led organizations 

FreeKick makes a cash donation to your community’s schools when you open your account and a recurring donation every year your account remains open.  

Security and support you can trust.

Protect your money 

The money in your FreeKick account is insured by the FDIC up to the maximum allowable by law. 

Protect your personal information 

As part of an FDIC-insured bank, we are regularly examined and monitored by the FDIC and state baking regulators for information systems integrity and security. 

FreeKick uses 256-bit encryption to securely receive and transmit your sensitive personal information. 

If it’s not .BANK, it’s not us 

Only a US-based bank can obtain a .BANK domain, making it difficult to spoof our website or use email phishing to obtain your information. Lookalike domains are used in over 90% of all cyberattacks. 

Want to learn more? 

Chat with a real live person based in the United States. 

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