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We Support Schools

• Protect employees and their families
• Improve employee retention & recruiting
• Receive a premium return on your risk-free investment
School Administrators and Teachers / School Boards and Trustees

Make FreeKick a free benefit for your staff and their families

Invest a portion of district reserve funds in a 100% FDIC-insured account and receive 

  • A premium interest rate on your risk-free investment, plus 
  • Free FreeKick accounts for your staff and their families 

Program Overview

Austin Capital Bank, member FDIC, is the owner and operator of FreeKick 

Program Summary 

  1. Obtain a premium market rate on your risk-free certificate of deposit or interest-bearing deposit account with Austin Capital Bank. Account is 100% FDIC-insured up to $50 million 
  1. Select a fixed rate or floating indexed rate with a yield equal to or higher than similar risk-free investments 
  1. Receive free employee benefits including identity protection, credit monitoring, and credit building benefits for your staff and their families 


A school district with 1,000 employees deposits $3,000,000 for 12-months 

  • The current market rate available to the school district is 5.25% for a similar 12-month risk free certificate of deposit 
  • Austin Capital Bank pays district an interest rate of 5.50% on a 12-month 100% FDIC-insured certificate of deposit 
  • All 1,000 school district employees and their families receive a free FreeKick account 

Austin Capital Bank provides 1,000 unique FreeKick program activation codes for staff of school district 

  • Identity protection services for up to 2 adults and 6 children 
  • Credit building for up to 6 children aged 13 to 25 
  • ~$267,000 annual value of benefits* 

Earn a premium yield on your risk-free investment plus receive employee benefits for FREE 

Amount of

Interest Rate on Deposit

# of Free Accounts

Annual Value of Free Benefits

Equivalent Yield Cost of Benefits

Total Effective Yield

$  3,000,000 






Example above is for illustration purposes only. Amount of deposit required and yield paid on deposit investment may vary based on number of employees covered and current market yields at time of investment and enrollment. 

FreeKick is safe, secure, and simple to implement 

  • Deposit is 100% FDIC-insured 
  • No systems integration is required between FreeKick and school district 
  • Bank grade IT security of all personal information; digital, legal, and regulatory infosec 
  • Low HR burden; simple one-step code issuance process requires minimal HR support 
  • Austin, Texas (US) based call center customer support 
  • Austin Capital Bank has over a million users and hundreds of thousands of accountholders on its proprietary banking platform that powers FreeKick 


Please connect with us and we’ll quickly follow-up with how to partner with us and quickly and easily provide free benefits to your employees and receive a premium return on your reserve funds.