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Partner with FreeKick

PTAs PTOs and Education Foundations 

You donate time to schools.
We donate money.

We want to contribute cash to support your schools and teachers.

PTA/PTO/Education Foundation

If you’re involved in a PTA, PTO, education foundation or similar parent-led organization, you care about the future of our children and their education. We do too. 

We partner with parent-led organizations across the country to: 

  • Make parents aware of the identity fraud threat to minors, especially those under age 13 
  • Help educate parents and teens on the benefits of good credit early in adulthood 
  • Financially assist schools 

When you partner with FreeKick we provide you with a unique link for your organization. For every family that opens an account associated with your link we make a cash donation of $25 and an additional donation of $10 every year an account remains open, even after graduation. 

These small donations can really add up over-time. A single family that keeps an account open from K-12 will generate $145 in donations, plus that same family could save over $10,000 during that period with FreeKick’s premium family identity protection vs paying for a similar subscription fee-based identity protection service. 

If just 700 families in your community do the same, that’s over $100,000 in cash donations for your schools. 

It’s the proverbial win-win-win 

  • The families in your community and their children get identity protection and strong credit 
  • You raise money to support your schools, and 
  • As a bank we grow our FDIC-insured deposits  

We’d love to support the schools in your community. 

Please reach out to us and we’ll follow up with you promptly. The process of partnering with us is fast, painless, and there is no commitment required.